About Origin Housing

Origin is an independent, charitable, regulated provider of homes and services. We provide affordable housing in our communities as well as related care and support services to our residents.

We started life back in 1924 as St. Pancras House Improvement Society, a charitable organisation founded by Father Basil Jellicoe because of a belief that good quality affordable housing is a foundation for a successful life. Subsequent mergers with Humanist Housing Association, Griffin Homes, and Lee Housing Association, as well as continued growth, means that we now manage over 6,800 homes across 14 areas of London and Hertfordshire.

Our in-depth assessment for the Regulator of Social Housing in January 2020 and subsequent review in 2021 have confirmed our top rating for governance (G1) and a compliant rating for viability (V2) which reflects our continued ambition to keep developing new affordable homes.

Our Vision

Great homes: places where people are proud to live

We want to provide homes that people are proud to live in. Housing is a long-term commitment so it is important to us that we build quality property and continue to invest in keeping homes at modern standards over many decades.

We buy land and build homes for rent and for sale. We also buy homes directly from private house builders. The homes are for: letting at a subsidised rent; shared ownership; and outright sale.

We finance this by raising loans and equity investment; proceeds from sales; along with a small amount of government grant.

Positive people: responsive caring staff getting services right for customers

We strive to be a top-performing landlord, property manager and provider of care and support services. We want our customers to be positive about the services we provide. This means it is crucial that our staff are skilled, dedicated and positive people who are committed to providing the best possible customer service.

We recognise that to do this means we must listen to our customers, so we regularly seek feedback and work with customers to improve services is central to the way we operate.

Strong communities: helping people and neighbourhoods thrive

Our aim is to help people and neighbourhoods to thrive. Working in partnership with Local Authorities we provide under contract a range of care and support services to people who are vulnerable due to leaving care, having learning disabilities, old age or other issues. We want our communities to be places where people feel safe and proud, and where they can aspire to reach their potential.

To help achieve this, we run and support initiatives to encourage inclusion and involvement, helping people to become actively involved in building sustainable, healthy and vibrant neighbourhoods. We provide support for people to find sustainable employment, manage their money, and stay in their homes for longer.

Our values

Our values have been aligned to reflect our aspirations for what we want Origin to be.

They reflect our heritage and ambition, informing all that we do:

Take the lead: take action, get involved, listen, challenge, be objective, question, help, try things out, make a difference. We embrace change and are inspired and encouraged to make change happen.

Create energy: we direct our energy towards moving things forward. We gain energy from our achievements which, in turn, motivates us even more.

Create Energy: we direct our energy towards moving things forward. We gain energy from our achievements which, in turn, motivates us even more

Build trust: there exists a common trust between us; our residents and each other. We are inclusive, united by our shared goal to build thriving communities where people can prosper and grow.

Be generous: we are committed to giving more of ourselves - it comes naturally to us. From this we feel fulfilled.

Be Generous: we are committed to giving more of ourselves - it comes naturally to us. From this we feel fulfilled

Stay grounded: we ‘get’ life; we know where it can take people - sometimes up, sometimes down. We’re realistic and pragmatic in our approach. We believe it is our social responsibility to get individuals, families and communities back on track.

Remember the little things: we’re here to make the world a better place; one small action at a time. Little things add up and become a big change.

Core themes which underpin our 2021/24 corporate plan

We’re on your side: we will focus on what is most important to our customers and work together to get it right for them first time every time. We will align with and connect to our residents and staff in practical ways, in a partnership of equals, building trust and confidence in our people and services.

Small changes make a big difference: we will work in an agile way to innovate and try out new ways of working which deliver business efficiency, staff engagement and service improvement.

A data driven business: using data intelligently to make decisions which help us achieve our goals more effectively.

Partnerships with a purpose: pro-active pursuit of constructive partnerships; with voluntary, community, statutory, commercial organisations - which help deliver on our social purpose.

Our six corporate ambitions

  1. Services that make people’s lives easier
  2. Homes that people are proud to live in
  3. Communities that people are proud to be part of
  4. New homes meeting future needs
  5. Maximising social impact
  6. Our people an engaged, motivated, skilled and productive workforce living our values every day and a great place to work with a positive culture, embracing diversity and tackling inequality, offering opportunity and flexible working options