Welcome to Origin Housing

We are excited about welcoming a new colleague to our Board team, and it also feels like an especially exciting time to be joining Origin Housing.

At Origin, we love providing services that make people’s lives easier; safe, decent, affordable homes that people are proud to live in and creating communities that are vibrant and diverse. With a history going back almost 100 years, the inspiration of our founders and the challenge of delivering on our social purpose energises us and keeps us focused on our vision for Great homes | Positive people | Strong communities. Our 4 year corporate plan – On your side: Working together can be found here

During the period of the pandemic and its aftermath, combined with the many other challenges which exist in our operating environment, we have stepped up as an organisation. Our brilliant staff team have maintained essential service delivery and support, particularly to residents who are more vulnerable. Working with commitment, agility and creativity, engaging with our residents and partners, the lessons learnt from this period are informing our rapidly evolving approach to help us meet new and emerging needs and expectations. Our investment in continuous improvement is positioning our people, processes and systems so they are optimised to offer brilliant customer service and to realise efficiencies. This in turn increases our capacity to deliver additional social value. In addition, our prudent financial planning is helping us to navigate global economic uncertainty, so that we can continue to target our support and resources where they are needed most, within the diverse communities we serve.

So our new Board colleague will be joining a well-run, confident and ambitious business.

You will also be joining the Customer Services Committee. Therefore, experience of customer engagement and knowledge of how data, systems and digital solutions can be used to better understand customers will be especially welcome. As part of our wider commitment to excellence in governance, at Origin we recognise that having an optimal mix of skills and experience, alongside diversity of thought and life experience, is what creates a highly effective Board culture. So we want to encourage people to consider these roles, even if they have never been on a Board before.

Your independence of thought; ability to contribute in a group setting; ask probing questions and contribute to good debate to enable us to reach effective collective decisions - that is what is of particular interest to us.

Maybe you have reflected this last year on how you wish to contribute to the social value agenda. Perhaps you have been thinking about having some stretch and putting your skills and experience outside of your work and home life to good use in a different setting. Or maybe you are inspired by what you have seen and heard about Origin. Whatever your motivation, find out more about these opportunities to join our team and be a catalyst for change. We a very much looking forward to hearing from you.

With warm wishes

Neil McCall

Carol Carter
Chief Executive