Role Profile / Person Specification

Role Profile

Responsible to: The Chair of the Board

Overall purpose

To add value to Origin’s business by contributing experience, expertise and insight to determine strategy and to exercise scrutiny, direction and control in the interests Origin’s customers and the wider community; ensuring that we are focused on delivering our social purpose and effectively balance opportunity and risk in shaping our ambitions and goals.

Key accountabilities

The Board has ultimate responsibility for the governance and performance of Origin. The Board’s central role is to direct and have oversight of Origin’s work: that is, to determine strategic direction and policies, to establish and oversee control and risk management frameworks that will ensure Origin achieves its aims and objectives.

All Board members share responsibility for its decisions. Each Board member must act only in the interests of Origin; Board members should put the interests of the organisation before their own interests and should not act on behalf of any constituency or interest group. Every Board member is responsible for establishing strong working relationships within and between the Board, and with the Chief Executive and senior executive staff.

Responsibilities are to

  • Provide leadership and direction to Origin
  • Work with the Board to deliver the Terms of Reference
  • Engage with Origin as appropriate and when required
  • Act in accordance with our values
  • Have the highest standards of probity and integrity
  • Be an ambassador for Origin


Origin believes that a diverse range of members are important to an effective Board. This should include:

  • A diverse mix of ethnic origins, genders, ages, social background and thinking styles and other equality characteristics
  • Those with a strong strategic perspective and those with an attention to detail
  • Those with relevant lived experience

Person Specification

The position will sit on our Group Board, and in addition will also be a member of the Customer Services Committee.

Specific requirements

For this vacancy we are seeking colleagues who can fulfil the following criteria:

  • Previous experience of customer service, for example: customer engagement and involvement, understanding customer needs and priorities and seeking assurance that these are being met
  • Knowledge of how the business can use data, systems and digital solutions to:
    • Better understand customers
    • Understand future and current customer’s diverse and cultural needs
    • Design services that meet their needs

Knowledge and experience

All Board members need to have an understanding of:

  • Governance and the role of the non-executive director, although prior Board experience is not necessary as a full induction programme will be provided
  • Risk identification and management
  • Performance management and monitoring


  • Ensures commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in all you do
  • A team player, listens, contributes and values the insights of others
  • Able to make sound judgements and provide a steer
  • Asks helpful, probing questions that contribute to high quality debate and collective decision making
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Works with integrity
  • A commitment to the organisation’s vision and values


Lead Executive Officer: Director of Resident Services

Role and Responsibilities

The role of this Committee is to provide assurance to the Group Board on the performance, quality and value for money of all services provided to Origin Housing’s homes and residents. This includes housing services, customer services, resident involvement, day to day repairs, stock investment programmes, community investment and care and support services.

The following strategies set by Board, provide the parameters within which this Committee operates:

  • Corporate Plan and annual targets
  • Customer Services Strategy
  • Care and Support Strategy
  • Resident Involvement Strategy
  • Community Investment Strategy
  • Technology strategy
  • Transformation/Business change Strategy

Membership: The Committee will have at least three members who are also members of the Origin Group Board.

Meeting Frequency: At least 4 times a year


Review any significant changes to customer services, recommending approval to the Group Board. This includes ensuring that customer priorities arising from resident involvement and customer insight are reflected in any strategies and plans.

Scrutinise the annual review of KPI targets and delivery of the annual plan for the areas within the Committee’s responsibility, prior to consideration by Group Board.

Scrutinise service delivery performance against targets and delivery plans on a quarterly basis. This will include the identification and monitoring of any actions needed to address under-performance, including escalating any significant under-performance or risks to the Group Board.

Scrutinise significant service reviews and transformation programmes relating to customer services to gain assurance that changes are meeting customer needs, delivery against milestones and anticipated benefits and that risks to the programme and day to day service delivery are being managed.

Scrutinise reports on complaints and other customer feedback to ensure that lessons are learnt to improve service delivery.

Identify dependencies which have emerged from decisions of the Investment Committee regarding the stock investment programme to ensure that customer and regulatory requirements are being met, and to and consider whether appropriate adjustments to service delivery have been made to accommodate planned investments.

Scrutinise the performance of significant third-party arrangements to deliver services to residents and any agree and monitor actions to address any areas of underperformance. Escalate any material under-performance to the Group Board.

Review the Resident Involvement Strategy, recommending approval to the Group Board ensuring that appropriate arrangements are in place to enable residents to influence and provide feedback on the services receive and to meet regulatory standards. This includes actively building links with formal resident involvement structures.

Review the Community Investment Strategy, recommending approval to the Group Board and monitor the social return of programmes and delivery against plans.

Finance and VFM

Scrutinise the performance of operational services to ensure they deliver value for money in line with any targets and objectives set out in the Value for Money Strategy.

Review policies for setting rents and service charges on an annual basis, ensuring levels comply with regulatory guidelines, and make recommendations to the Group Board.


Review and approve policies in relation to landlord services in line with agreed delegations regarding policy approvals as detailed in the schedule at the end of the Terms of Reference.

Legal and Regulatory

Review changes to legislation and regulation in the relevant service areas and agree any follow up action needed to ensure continued compliance with legislation and regulation.

Scrutinise reports regarding compliance with regulatory requirements in relation to the Consumer Standards and the Rent Standard and report annually to the Group Board as part of the Annual Assurance Statement.

Scrutinise reports on safeguarding activities and performance to identify any areas of risk and agree and monitor follow up actions.

Risk Management

Identify matters within the committee’s areas of responsibility that create significant financial, reputational or other risk to Origin Housing and refer them to the Audit and Risk Committee or Group Board as appropriate for consideration in the quarterly review of the Risk Register.